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Picnic and Tour of Tinker Homestead
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Event Description
Our June general meeting will start at 6:30 PM with a "Bring Your Own Picnic" followed by a presentation of the history of the Tinker Homestead by Tina Thompson. A tour of the historic farm house will conclude our meeting. Please meet in the parking lot of the Tinker Nature Park at 1585 Calkins Rd. (This is in the Town of Henrietta, but the mailing address is Pittsford so GPS will likely locate it in Pittsford. ) Bring a folding chair, your picnic meal, and a mask for the house tour.

Tinker Homestead shows the elegance of a federal style house set against the background of a self-sufficient farm. The Tinker Family occupied this homestead for six generations. They witnessed the transformation of Western New York from a wooded frontier to a thriving community. As a result of the Erie Canal giving farmers access to new markets, the Tinkers could afford to build a new home. They chose to build a cobblestone house, a unique architectural style to Western New York. Construction started in 1828 and the house was completed in 1830. The interior of the house has been restored to the turn of the 20th century. Visitors will appreciate the practical yet elegant Victorian lifestyle of this rural family.

The Farm Museum charts the growth of agriculture in Western New York from subsistence to commercial farming. Visitors will understand how the Erie Canal forever changed the face of farming in New York State. The farm is composed of several structures that were important to the success of the Tinker Farm. The museum has an extensive collection of farm implements which chart the modernization of farming through the years.

Our presenter, Tina Thompson, is the Henrietta Town Historian. She volunteered in the historian's office prior to being appointed to the position in 2011. She thinks being a Town Historian is a great job as "you are always meeting new people, learning their histories, and seeking answers to their questions". Something many of the members of RGS also do. In addition to maintaining and organizing the town's records, she provides support for the Historic Site Committee and the Antoinette Brown Blackwell Society. She also schedules and helps train the docents for the events at the Tinker Homestead. She has a BS in Education from SUNY Geneseo.